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Transforming Independence,

Our number one priority is to reduce operational costs and burdens of running and growing an independent business. We started as a breakaway advisory firm and felt the pain points, so we set out to solve for them.

Where We Started, and Evolved.


We invested in building the platform


Established a membership network


Offered our platform to others


Transitioned to a fully SaaS company


Our mission is to help independent owners and operators reduce administrative burdens, increase their earnings and better run their business, while best serving their clients.

  • Leveraging economies of scale of 300,000 independent business owners to negotiate quality partnerships and lower prices


  • An all-encompassing business-to-business marketplace and suite of technology and tools offered through a single sign-on platform

  • Helping small businesses gain operational efficiencies through a shared services technology platform​

We eat our cooking.

Simply put, we built this platform out of necessity. In search for insurance, IT, cybersecurity and administrative support as a startup, we became painfully aware that there wasn't much out there to support the entire lifecycle of an independent business owner. So, we started building. Being able to offer benefits that are most meaningful to our team, without an administrative burden has been a dream come true. Now, we want to turn that dream into your reality.

One of the key benefits of an online marketplace is the opportunity to provide customers with one easy, convenient destination to view offerings from a variety of curated services. With a B2B marketplace, businesses no longer need to plan for and procure services weeks or months in advance. Instead, they can instantly connect with trusted, and exclusive partners curated specifically for their industry and day-to-day needs in minutes.

Today, Chalice Connect provides a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost platform that empowers hundreds of thousands of businesses through connectivity.


Let's Break It Down in Numbers


Platform Users


Integrated Partners


Leads Generated


Ready to Meet Your New Team?

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