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Intuitive Technology

The platform is a completely customizable marketplace that brings exclusive benefits and best in class services to all small businesses. Increase trust, loyalty and lifetime value, differentiate from competition, create newfound revenue and easily understand customer-needs.

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Partner Management

Are you tired of trying to manage referral and affiliate programs? Our marketplace software offers end-to-end tracking of lead activity to ensure you know what is valuable and how to get paid on referrals sent to your partner network.

Real-Time Reporting

No more guess work! See what your users are engaging with, and know which benefits are most important to their business and/or lifestyle. Data is invaluable when creating loyalty and benefit programs. We make it easy to access in your portal.

Made for Every Size Business

Our flexible pricing and marketplace solutions create value for any size business, network and community. Extend to your clients, employees or pay a minimal monthly fee to access benefits for yourself and your family.

Fully Customizable Marketplace

Dependent on the plan you choose, you can customize the look and feel of your marketplace with an easy plug-and-play builder in your portal. Tap into our network of benefits, or create your own offerings. The choice is yours and the options are endless.

Ready to Kickstart Your Journey?

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