Offer Benefits Under Your Brand

The leading business-to-business marketplace platform that gives Enterprise Companies the agility to scale and grow in today’s evolving digital environment.


Why a digital marketplace?

Online marketplaces provide customers with one easy, convenient destination to view offerings from a variety of curated services. If you want to become that unified destination; the place your customers return to again and again, you need an effective, scalable marketplace platform. This, in turn, will generate modern revenue streams for your business and produce valuable insights that will ensure your success.

Differentiate from Competition

Instantly scale your business by offering benefits typically unavailable to independent business owners. In addition to your core offering, you are able to give clients something your competitors can’t. Delivering thousands of dollars in business-related savings and access to exclusive, vital services.

Increase Client Loyalty and Lifetime Value

We have performed the market analysis and strategic vetting required to negotiate exclusive, superior benefits for over 50 industry-leading business products and services. A white label
marketplace empowers companies to leverage these existing benefits to increase loyalty and the lifetime value of their clients.

Add Modern Newfound Revenue

White label marketplace technology amplifies cross-sell opportunities that live outside the Chalice ecosystem. Access to benefits can be made available at no cost to your clients– that’s how inexpensive the annual technology fee is. Gain newfound revenue by monetizing affiliate relationships and advertising opportunities.


"The Group Health Insurance benefits we've added has been a game changer! They offer a great medical insurance program, plus payroll and 401k that we can now offer to our team."

- Louis Patierno, Peak

"They have an amazing development team. We can now offer a greatly improved and digitally accessible marketplace that will help our members save time and money."

- Patrick Mahoney, FPA

"Advisors don’t have to spend valuable time and money vetting third-party providers or potential partners. The work has already been done to bring together a network of resources."

- Todd Bertucci, ORION

Let's redefine the future of digital.

The internet can feel like the wild wild west sometimes. Fads come and go, and it can be nearly impossible to keep up with what's current, important, and relevant.

Chalice Connect takes the guesswork out of equation by vetting reputable companies and securing strict service level agreements. This allows us to offer unbeatable savings and the best customer experience.


See the Benefits

Trusted by 50+ channel partners serving more than 4.5 million financial professionals and independent business owners. See what is included in the tech stack and the benefits you could offer your clients.


This report distills best practices from firms leveraging marketplace-driven financial services. Business leaders should read this for actionable advice on evolving their business models.

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